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Ngeblog bareng PEC “My trouble in learning english”

Okeh,, I will start my fisrt “together blogging with PEC”..

Before explain about my trouble in learning english, i wanna tell my struggle to joining this programme. I think u agree, dont’ u?? Let’s start..!! First, i felt impossible to joining this programme because i have no modem. So I have to go to “warnet”. But, the programme is held at night and will be end at 10.30 PM. So, I will be back to my home approximate at 10.45 PM. Oh Nooo!! It’s so dangerous for a woman to go home at that time. I really want to joining this programme. So, I tried to find the way. And I have found the way. I use my twin’s phone as a modem. 1 did it :mrgreen:

Let’s go to our topic. i give the title“ my trouble in learning english”.
English is very important language because it is an International language. With English we can go to all place we want. I know and I realize. But, sometimes I got trouble when I want to speak English with someone. Maybe, its because Im very rare to practice it. Learning without practice is nothing. Oneday, I persuade one of my friends in Pharmacy to speak english. We did it without concerning grammar. But, I think it’s not complete. And I bought a book to improve my grammar ( Title : A Practical English Grammar, Oxford University Press). I have read it a half. But now, I less to practice it and I cant to apply knowledge that I got from the book.

In faculty of Pharmacy have a special day called “English day”. it is made by PEC (Pharmacy English Club). At that day, we have to speak English with others. But, im rare to do it because Im shy if grammatical error detected. Then, I realize that no one is always true. And if we make a mistake, we shouldn’t shy but have to improve it. Fortunately, PEC have done open recruitment new member of PEC. Im happy, because by joining this club, I have a place to improve my English, train my self to speak English fluently and I can ask if I have question. Of course I have to disappear “Shy” if I make a mistake.

I interested if someone speak English with me or in front of class. I want, all lecturers speak English because I like it. And now, dean of faculty of pharmacy have made a plan to apply it for the next year. Hehehe :mrgreen:

I enjoy English but I trouble to speak English. I know where is my mistake and I have tried to find the way to overcome it. Now, I’m a member of PEC. I hope, this place can help me. My suggestion for PEC are:
– At the end of discussion, the tutor have to correct if grammatical error detected.
– Invite a foreigners to speak in front of us
– Learning about grammar, not only discussion

Finish,,, Im sorry if grammatical error detected. Maybe more,, but never mind.. I’m learning… 😆

NB: I wrote this post spontaneously in 1,5 hours (because the topic for “ngeblog bareng” is determined several minutes before start to wrote. 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Ngeblog bareng PEC “My trouble in learning english”

  1. that is, sistaa..
    learning by doing…

  2. never mind q, we’ll get fun in PEC i guess.
    impatient to meet you tomorrow at the class XD

  3. kiki,, may i borrow the book?
    heehe 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to meet you all guys…
    Wish we can start clubbing soon :mrgreen:

    @kikiriska: You write almost perfectly. I think your first suggestion makes sense. We need to perform “correction session”, including this post. Perhaps, we can discuss the entire grammatical errors you wrote in this post. Perhaps, sometimes…

  5. julianusginting on said:

    wow..amazing english..hehe

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