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Ngeblog Bareng PEC : I Like Pharmacology, But…

Lets start to writing..

I think, blogging together with PEC tonight is little different because just 4 PEC”ers who joining this programme ( da Yori, Kiki, Rara, n kak Via). So many reason of my others friend to don’t joining this programme. For example: Oja is sick and maybe others friend can’t to joining this programme because they have an examination on Monday. Me too, but I try to join because I think this programme is very important to train my self in writing English spontaneously n apply my knowledge such as grammar, vocabulary, etc. I try to finish my writing tonight and tomorrow I study hard again.

It is also special I guess, because we plan to do teleconference via YM, so we can talk n hear the voice each others. But, I can’t do that because either headset or microphone which I have. Just kak Via and da Yori who have them. So, just both of them can do teleconference. What about me n rara??? We just wrote to train our writing speed. Hohoho 😆 I and rara tried to call to the computer each others. We did it, but rara can’t heard my voice. I don’t know where is the problem. Hehe :mrgreen:

Lets go to our topic… Now, the topic is about our UTS and I should describe What is the subject i love the most for this UTS? Why I love that, the strategy i have to be successful in that subject, what score I will achieve in this UTS, de el el. Okay, I will answer the question n explain all about that.

I love Pharmacology when I knew this subject at 3rd semester. Its called “Basic Pharmacology”. I interested with this subject because it explain about the mechanism of diseases and drugs, the drugs to solve it, side effect and contra indication of the drug, dose etc. I like it eventough it so “ribet” when the lecturers explain all about it and I have to read it again n again till I understand . Im enjoy to learn this subject than others subject like “Physical Chemistry Analysis”, “Natural Product Chemistry, de el el.

I want to get the best score for this subject. Maybe not only this subject, but also all of my subject at 4th semester. To achieve it, I have to understand it directly when I got the matery. If i didn’t understand, I asked to my lecturers and discuss it with my friends. So, if the exam will come, im not too “kocar kacir” and do the SKS (system kebut semalam).

Actually, I really wants to research in Pharmacology (“tugas akhir” to graduate. It is called Skripsi). But, by consider some thing, I have to cancel my plan. What are the reason?? One of the reason is because im so pity to do some treatment to the mouse or rat such as inject, surgery, cut their tail to check their glucose (if necessary), gives oral directly into their “lambung” even kill them to take their organs. Oh nooo.. My “peri kebinatangan” is so high and I think, all treatment above is so bad to do. The mouse and rat can’t talk or cry that they don’t like when we do the treatment above. So, I decided to cancel my plan to research in Pharmacology but I always like Pharmacology. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Ngeblog Bareng PEC : I Like Pharmacology, But…

  1. sorry i can’t enjoy with this program tonight , because i have a problem with connection .
    wew , pharmacology , i think you can get best score if you do the exam well , .

  2. If u have read this post 1 or 2 days ago, i think u have to read it again because 2 days ago i wrote in sleepy deeply condition. so, here is some new paragraph and i have changed some words… hohohoh.. check it out 😆

  3. Awsome site ! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more

  4. this good posting and awsome, i think, i can come back soon for your post…

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